Secondary School Fees

Being an independent Islamic Faith Secondary School, we intend to give all our students an outstanding start to their lives and future careers. We seek to enrich the talents of all our students, raising educational standards, through an excellently formulated dual curriculum, which consists the national curriculum and a comprehensive Islamic syllabus. We are determined to continue building a vibrant, rewarding and high achieving school where excellence is the norm. Our purpose is to ensure the success of the child’s future through the implementation of the teachings from the Glorious Qur’an and Noble Sunnah.

Academic & Islamic

We are pleased to inform parents that to reach the community in a greater way, we have drawn an affordable fee structure so that a large number of boys and girls in our community can benefit from the dual curriculum, which offers the national curriculum simultaneous with a comprehensive Islamic syllabus. The Imam Muhammad Adam Institute Secondary School has made a conscious decision from the outset to maintain fees at an affordable rate for the community, without compromising the quality of excellent education.

Payment Procedure

The annual fees required for the Secondary School which includes the academic and Islamic studies is £1,800 per annum. This can also be paid in monthly instalments of £150.00 over the course of the entire year (12 months). For further details please read our fees payment procedure found by clicking the button below.

Our bank details are as follows:


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Account number: 13562190