Imam Muhammad Adam Institute Boys School caters for boys in Years 5 to 11 (ages 9-16).


We do not base our decision solely on the academic ability of the child and take into consideration all aspects. We wish to take in those children who we believe will benefit from our environment and in turn benefit themselves.

Our criteria for admission are:

1. A report from the child’s current school deemed satisfactory by the Admissions Team.

2. That the prospective pupil is judged to have sufficient aptitude, commitment and willingness to cope with the general pace of learning within the School.

3. That the School will meet the needs of the child

To apply, please complete and submit an application for along with the child’s latest available school report to the reception.




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Imam Muhammad Adam Institute Boys School


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Proprietor/Principal:  Shaykh Faheem Ibn Ismaeel

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Admission enquiries:  0116 276 7600

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