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Online Safety

We believe the safety of our pupils in the online world is paramount and we ensure that we use every opportunity to teach our pupils the dangers of being online and how to stay safe.

Alhumdulillah, when pupils are at school, we use Securly filter which allows us to restrict what content and websites anyone connected to our school's network/router can access. All adult content is blocked and so is access to social media (excluding YouTube - which we have allowed for education but is restricted to moderate access), gambling sites, online games and also VPNs. However we are also careful in ensuring that we do not 'over-block' which can in turn limit pupil learning.

We use to monitor students' activities when they are using school devices. This allows for remote support to be provided as well as ensuring that students are working dili

For more information, please see our online safety policy.

We ask parents to also put measures in place to keep children safe online at home. The following websites are useful in understanding the importance of online safety and what you can do yourself:

Keeping children safe online | NSPCC

Parents and Carers - UK Safer Internet Centre


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