Our Vision. Our Aim. Our Ethos

With the grace of the Almighty, strong visionary leadership and enormous commitment from staff, students and the community, we aim to create a climate for learning that is truly unique and inspiring.


Our aims at the school have always been and will always be to help pupils recognise their true potential and to unearth the true talents possessed by each pupil academically, morally and spiritually, so that they are able to take a place in society as mature, discerning and caring adults.


Our ethos is rooted in a set of Islamic values to which we want all pupils to aspire. We aim to create a friendly and caring atmosphere, incorporating the traditional values of respect and courtesy, within a well-ordered and disciplined structure in which high standards of behaviour are expected from every student.


From the very first day at the Institute each pupil is made aware of the necessity of good behaviour. This objective is a constant theme. All students at the School are expected to behave in a way which reflects the values of the Glorious Qur’an and the Noble Sunnah where self-discipline, tolerance, fairness and honesty stem out from. We encourage each student to be reflective and principled, so they can make a positive contribution to their community and the wider world.


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Proprietor/Principal:  Shaykh Faheem Ibn Ismaeel

School email address: school@imai.org.uk                           

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